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Roxsana is a happy mom of 4 children, she originally came from Sinaloa, since we all come from different places. But she loved Los Cabos and stayed here to make her home. She's been working in throughout beauty for 14 years. And like Juan Ignacio, has her roots from cosmetology.


She worked first in many makeup & hair companies until she found Piel Canela and became enamored with us.

Currently she has her own salon where she likes to do hair and lashes on her free time, when we're off weddings.

She's had her professional education with artsists such as Claudia Campas, Luis Torres, Cristina Cuellar, Luquin. But started her career first at Idecs Sinaloa.

Roxsana is a most talented makeup & hair artist, she specializes in brides and is a strong pillar at our Team.


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