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At Piel Canela, we have worked for over a year to create the most exquisite treatments in BEAUTY and COMFORT. Designed for special clients that demand only the best for their well being. That's why we only use The best products in the beauty market and combine them for our Signature Procedures.

We've decided Less is More, because we don't want to offer a multiple menu, but only The BEST and MOST nourishing Beauty and Welfare Treatments. Be sure you'll receive everything your Skin and your Self needs.

Welcome to our Spa Therapy, ENJOY.


Modelo joven

- Bride to Be - 

Signature Piel Canela's Facial Treatment, that deeply nourishes the skin with a Gold mask. This beautifying routine will leave your skin gently cleansed prior to the hydration process, while using massage to activate your skin cells and enrich them with light therapy. The obvious result will be a bridal, pure, clean, radiant, hydrated and tightened skin with a followup mask for the night before the wedding. 

60 min

- Mom Lift  to Be -

Mom Lift to be is a combination of the Best tensing ampoules with Gold Hyper Hydrating Tensing Masks. This Facial will not only leave your skin gently cleansed and pure, but will tighten your muscles, while activating your skin cells with deep massage and Light Therapy. All at the same time. It will also fill your wrinkles with our non invasive Filler formula. This signature Facial is perfect for the day before your Daughter's Wedding and will give you a followup mask to wear the day after at Home or at your Hotel.

60 min

Belleza natural

- Fairest of Them All -

Fairest of Them All is our Signature All Inclusive Facial. Designed for sensitive skins, with a Placenta soothing Mask to calm the cells while nourishing and hydrating at the same time to reduce wrinkles. Gentle cleansing is included. It is our regular Facial Treatment and also uses Light Therapy to help deflate the puffiness. Works with rosacea.

60 min



- No Stress -  

Our No Stress Massage is Our Typical Relaxing Medium Pressure Massage. With gentle handling for a super relaxing dozing off Treatment.  Combined with Aromatherapy to work the Energy from Outside In. It's not just a full treat for your Back, but for your arms, hands, legs, feet and neck. Sweet Dreams, for a Sweet Week.  

60 min

- Deep O' Relief -  

Deep O' Relief is our Deep Tissue alleviating Massage, only for the Braver People. Stronger than our Relaxing No Stress Massage. Combined with Aromatherapy to bring The Energy from Outside In.  In addition, relaxing massage is also done to the arms, hands, legs,  feet, and neck. Great for relieving painful stressful muscle knots.

60 min

Masaje de espalda

S P R A Y   T A N


- Rapid One Hour -  

We use Only the Best Products for Spray Tanning for a Natural Glowy Look. Our tint is Violet based, instead of Orange based. That's why our Procedure looks like a Real Tan that absorbs odorlessly deep in the Skin. Also for your comfort, we use a special tint that doesn't require a full day to be washed, but as little as One Hour.


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