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At Piel Canela Studio, we understand this is the happiest day of your life. Not only for the stupendous moment coming, but for the lifetime of love it represents. We know you must be nervous of all the details of your wedding, so we want to take off your hands the most importante one. Being Beautiful. 


Trust us, we know what we're doing, not only because we've been doing it for over a decade, but because we have the most exquisite taste gathered through Madrid, Paris, California and finally Cabo. All of it for you. 


At Piel Canela we will make every detail of your beauty enhanced with stunning radiance, without ever loosing your natural touch. You'll be the fairest version of yourself, captivating everyone with your glowing joy. 


Get ready for a delightful and fascinating experience with us. After all, it's a thrilling rejoyceful day we'll be sharing. 

We believe in the beauty from within.

Our mission is to bring it to the surface with art. 

Expressing your own kind of beautiful and radiating it at its fullest every day of your life.

Our job is to help make you feel gorgeous and confident while enjoying your most radiant self.

At Piel Canela Makeup Studio, we are happy to help you achieve the perfect make up and hairstyle for your look, which will prevail naturally and will stay beautiful all day long!

We are delighted to create breathtaking  and unforgettable memories for our clients. 

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-  From beautiful to radiant -

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CEO & Lead Makeup Artist


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At Piel Canela Studio, we understand the importance of not being "orange" for such a special occassion. Which is why we use VIOLET based tints that are globally recognized. We apply the Rapid ONE Hour Spraytan, which can be showered off in as little as 1 hour wait. 




Get in touch with us for inquiries, bookings and special requests.

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