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Founder & Lead Makeup artist

Juan Ignacio, our Star Makeup Artist started his journey in Europe, where he studied Fashion in Paris, at Istituto Marangonni.   Later he went to Mexico to study 4 more years as a designer where he became an artist in Fashion, Makeup, Interiors, and overall Design.

He became CEO of Loula by Zermeño, in a bridal design company that also offered Makeup and Hair.

Then he mastered at Spoken by Polly to perfect his makeup techniques and with Havibe Vazquez for supreme bridal hair.

He continued doing Makeup and Hair for Bridal events in Mexico City, until he decided it was time to go to Los Cabos.

There he founded Piel Canela, to offer beautiful brides the opportunity to have the best quality artistic work on them, without having the stress of flying in their makeup artists and hair stylists.


Piel Canela will definitely leave you amazed with its work and your stunning looks.