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Karina is a proud mom of 3 children, she originally came from Puebla and decided to make her home in Cabo 12 years ago with her husband.


She started her profesional life 9 years ago and for 5 years she worked in different salons, until she got tired of not being valued enough.


It was then that she started as a freelance, and after a couple more years she auditioned for Piel Canela's team.


Ever since that moment Karina has become one of the strong pillars of our brand and has met her real hidden potential as an artist. But not only she's talented, but a beautiful person.


She's had her professional education with amazing artists and schools such as Scwarzkopf, Luis Torres,  Cristina Cuellar, Ale Arizmendi and of course, Juan Ignacio Zermeño.


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